Top Earnings Announcements to Watch Week of 10-16-2023

Earnings calendar week of 10-16-2023 by

Top earnings Releases sorted by date:

October 16, 2023

Charles Schwab Q3 2023 Earnings

October 17, 2023

Johnson & Johnson Q3 2023 Earnings
Bank of America Corp. Q3 2023 Earnings
Lockheed Martin Corp. Q3 2023 Earnings
Prologis Inc. Q3 2023 Earnings
Goldman Sachs Q3 2023 Earnings

October 18, 2023

Big Event: Tesla Q3 2023 Earnings

Procter & Gamble Co. Q1 2024 Earnings
ASML NV Q3 2023 Earnings
Abbott Laboratories Q3 2023 Earnings
Netflix Inc. Q3 2023 Earnings
SAP SE Q3 2023 Earnings
Morgan Stanley Q3 2023 Earnings
Anthem Inc. Q3 2023 Earnings

October 19, 2023

Philip Morris Inc. Q3 2023 Earnings
Union Pacific Corp. Q3 2023 Earnings
Blackstone Q3 2023 Earnings
AT&T Inc. (AT & T Inc.) Q3 2023 Earnings
Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. Q3 2023 Earnings

October 20, 2023

Reliance Industries Ltd Dematerialised Q2 2024 Earnings
American Express Co. Q3 2023 Earnings
Schlumberger N.V. (Ltd.) Q3 2023 Earnings

October 21, 2023

Kweichow Moutai Co Ltd (A) Q3 2023 Earnings
China Mobile Limited Registered Shs -A- Q3 2023 Earnings
China Mobile (Hong Kong) Ltd. Q3 2023 Earnings
Please note that this list only includes the companies and their respective earnings dates.

Based on this week’s earnings calendar, the most important earnings to watch are:

Tesla (October 18): As a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla’s earnings report can provide insights into the EV market’s growth and the company’s progress in expanding production and sales.

Johnson & Johnson (October 17): As a major pharmaceutical and consumer goods company, Johnson & Johnson’s earnings can offer a perspective on the healthcare sector’s performance and the impact of ongoing research and development efforts.

Procter & Gamble (October 18): As a multinational consumer goods corporation, Procter & Gamble’s earnings can shed light on consumer spending trends and the overall health of the global economy.

Netflix (October 18): As a leading streaming service provider, Netflix’s earnings report can provide insights into the growth of the streaming industry and the company’s ability to maintain its competitive edge.

Bank of America (October 17): As one of the largest banks in the United States, Bank of America’s earnings can offer a perspective on the financial sector’s performance and the overall health of the economy.

These companies represent various sectors, including technology, healthcare, consumer goods, entertainment, and finance. Monitoring their earnings can provide valuable insights into the overall health of the economy and the performance of their respective industries.


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